Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Just to show some comparison photos of my condition: the first is me and my wife back in 1993; the second photo is me and my Aunt in 2005.

So, got some annoying news today from my Endo. My IGF is 506... 2 months after surgery. It went from 641 in Dec '08, to 591 in Jan '09 and now 506. We are so disappointed, only because we really were hoping for good news on the numbers. I now have to discuss "treatment" next week with my Endo. Does this mean radiation and/or meds? Will I still be able to work? Will I still feel ok after going through more treatments?

This actually doesn't come to much of a surprise to me, although I was hopeful. The reason being because I still have those wierd twitches each morning that I've had for a long time, and I always knew I didn't feel right. And then since the surgery, I still get hot flashes and really do not feel much better. But I don't have that pressure in the back of my head anymore.

I went back to work a week ago. It felt good to think that I was healed. And now I am sort of confused as to what my future will be like now.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Almost a week after surgery

Well, still don't have time yet or the energy to explain my pre-Acromegaly life. However, I feel it's important to track what's been happening to me after surgery. It feels good to be able to read everyone's posts, comments and blogs. Makes me realize I am not alone in this. My wife has been amazing with my healing. My daughter too.

It will be one week post-op tomorrow. I have to go see the ENT surgeon for a check up. But what happened to me yesterday was pretty scary. I woke up at 8am (have only been able to get about 4 hours of sleep each night... still can't shake the insomnia that I have had since October 2008), and took my pepcid, hydrocortisone and Darvacet all together at the same time (one pill each). Within 20 minutes, I was keeled over in stomach pain, my eyes closed shut and were red and itchy, I started scratching my arms, back and neck, and then I felt my throat swelling up. Scary scary scary. I called for my wife, who was just getting up (and has her hands full each morning with our Type-1 little girl who needs attention right away with her food and blood glucose checks). She took one look at me and gave me the Epi-pen, then called 911. They rushed me to the ER and I was fine within an hour. But yet another stay in the hospital for half a day. It really jolted me though. After all I had been through, I didn't expect this, ya know?

Anyone have this experience at all with the meds? It has to be the Darvecet because the steroids and the pepcid wouldn't cause an allergic reaction. So now I am just on tylenol with codeine.

In good news, my wedding ring is really loose on my finger and people are telling me the swelling in my face has gone down. I also don't feel like someone is squeezing my face and head anymore.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Hi, I am just creating this tonight

3 days post op. I just got home from having a 2mm tumor on my pituitary gland removed. It's probably been in there, growing, for almost 8 years. My features have changed over the last 8 year, so that's why I think it's been that long. I have so much to say on my condition, but I have time to work on my blog. I am really happy to see that I have fellow Acro people out there who I can connect with. Here's some of my info:

  • I'm 38 years old, Filipino-American male

  • Grew up in NYC

  • My toddler daughter has Type-1 diabetes (diagnosed last year)

  • My wife and I are on a mission to find out if my daughter's diabetes is connected to my condition.

Well, that's all for now since I am really out of it and I am having my wife type this for me right now, as I dictate to her. I am so glad to be home, in my own bed... with my family by my side. Hospitals are too cold and depressing.